Promatic EAS Applications of Book Stores--Standard option
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Application:  RF Smart Acrylic Systems PDS8834S

ü Good Appearance with Perfect Acrylic: As Transparent as Crystal

ü Detection Range:  40*40 Soft labels 130~150cm
ü High Mirror surface base 304
ü Different colors of Alarm light,presenting good atmosphere

ü Mute alarming choosable,keep an quite environment

ü Thin paper label meet the protection need for books
ü Multiply choices of hard tags enable to meet the protection needs of different merchandises
ü Old EM Lables –not suitable to protect not book items
ü Traditional AM soft labels– too big and too thick for protecting books

Technical Parameters

Frequency:                      7.7 - 8.7MHz

Method of Transmitting:    Pulse

Detection Range:             Soft label (100px×100px):  2×80cm

                                     Hard tag   PT315:  2×110cm

Power Consumption:        less than 6W

Product size:                   H 153×L 33.5×D 13cm

Net Weight:                      22kg

More Options

Colors of the alarm lights: Blue/RedWhite/RedEmerald/Red

AC/DC power supply: ExternalBuilt-in



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