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PDS8836S Smart RF EAS Mini Acrylic Detector
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PDS8836S Smart RF EAS Mini Acrylic Detector

Smart RF EAS Mini Acrylic Detector


Smart RF EAS Mini Acrylic Detector

Promatic RF Anti-shoplifiting Mini EAS System PDS8836S

PDS8836S, is a self-designed, self-developed RF EAS Pedestal.Adopting the 3rd generation PCB board 6230S, PDB8836S provides a perfect performance even with a narrower panel. Smaller size, simple to install and maintain, PDS8836S is a good choicefor stores which concerns about the space at the entrance/ exit.

Software Radio Technology

  • Simplified circuit with better quality and reliability

  • Great flexibility

  • Unique Tag recognition technology owned by Promatic

Phrased Array Antenna Technology

  • Wide Detection Range

  • Good detection in all directions

  • Still good detection even for smaller-size-tagged merchandises

BetterAnti-Interference Ability

  • Excellent ability of anti-LED light interference

  • Easy to install and no restrict to escalators

Adopting 20mm thick acrylic panel and 304 stainless steel cover-base, the material will not become cloudy or yellow or rust over time, ensuring the aesthetic of the store.

Detection Range


This product adopts power supply, when purchasing the RF EAS pedestals, please do not forget to by the special power adapter for it. According to the quantity ofpedestals, there are 3 types of power supply for choice:

PS330       Support up to 3 PDS8834S pedestals

PS317       Support up to 2 PDS8834S pedestals

PS320       Support up to 1 PDS8834S pedestal


1. All product quotation is EX-WORK Shenzhen terms

2. All quotation base on formal declaration exporting terms, if not, price should be increased 16%

3. Warranty: 18 months from on board time

4. When warranty PCB boards return to repair, both parties share freight cost

5. Replacement: delivery with next purchase order.