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PD950 RF Deactivator
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PD950 RF Deactivator

PD950 RF Deactivator


PD950 RF Deactivator

Promatic EAS systems (Electronic Article Surveillance) provides our clients with the professional solutions for retail security and loss prevention purpose.

PD950 Deactivator

Product with features of high cost performanceand high stability, which is the ideal choice for the supermarket, shoppingmall and garment shop.

Product Features

Packing information

Package MaterialCarton + Pearl cotton

Weight (Package Weight): 1.25 KG

Standard Package Dimension: 235*195*70cm


Operation Centre Freq


Scan Bandwidth

7.4-9.0 MHz

Tx Pulse Duartion

Continuous Transmit

Power Supply


Deactivating Height


Deactivating Rate

60 labels/per min



Weight (GW)

1 KG


Iron Grey

Power Consumption


Operation  Temperature

Operation    1535

Storage     -10+40

Direction for Use

1. Signing for, Opening package, Inspecting

Before signing for cargo, please check if the outer packing of device is broken, or if there is abnormal sound inside package. If there is such phenomenon, please contact Promatic to confirm before signing for the cargo.

Before open the package, the package must be placed at a smooth and safe place.

When inspecting, please check if the appearance of device is damaged, scratched. If there is such phenomenon, please contact Promatic timely.

2. Environment Requirement

Keep away from strong electronmagnetic radiation source

Keep away from wet zone and heat source

Avoid placing deactivator in the environment of full of dust and corrosive gas

The connection cable between deactivator and deactivator pad should lessthan 2m

3. Installation Illustration

One PD950 deactivator could connect up to two PD9004 deactivator pads.

4. Installation Tool: Screwdriver and Drill

5. Safety check (Before turn on the power, please make sure all the connection between device is correct)

Check if all cable connection is correct;

Check if all connection at the terminals is tight;

Note that
: The details of installation instruction only can be downloaded after customer purchases product.