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PAS9023PW Smart AM EAS Detector (WIFI)
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PAS9023PW Smart AM EAS Detector (WIFI)

PAS9023P, the 3rd generation of Promatic AM EAS detector, adopting the advanced technology- software radio and phased array, together with Promatic unique smart recognition algorithm, provides stores a perfect detection performance and excellent anti-interference ability. Its new energy-saving circuit design, crystal clear and small, exquisite shape, provides retailers excellent loss prevention solution with cost-effective, high detection range, low loss and almost zero mistake false alarm. PAS9023P is suitable for all kinds of supermarkets and stores.

Built-in AC-DCpower supply 

Features Of PAS9023PW

  • Internet of Things technology, Cloud data management ;
  • Using Software-Radio technology, with higher reliability
  • Phased Array TechnologyWider detection range;
  • Excellent anti-interference ability
  • Can work as Mono, bilateral detection;
  • Suitable for supermarkets, clothing stores, domestics and 3C Digital stores.

     Promatic AM EAS IOT System: Internet of Things Version PAS9023PW 
Wider Protection range
Less blind spots
Stronger anti-interference ability
New generation  AM SMART EAS   

 Internet of Things Technology

Cloud Data Management
APP Tunable
IOT Technology

New software Radio Platform

Phased-array technology
Intelligent Calculating pattern
3 rd Smart EAS Main Board

EAS Jammer Reminder

Wireless Synchronization
Unique Function

Acrylic Panel
Metal painted chassis
Crystal and Elegentn

      Specifications of PAS 9023PW 

     Applications of PAS9023PW