Promatic's anti shoplifiting solution for bookstores (new)
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Promatic's anti shoplifiting solution for bookstores
Thin anti-theft sticker and reusable hard tages for a variety of goods.

  • Good Appearance with Perfect Acrylic: AsTransparent as Crystal.

  • Detection Range: 40*40 Soft labels 130~150cm.

  • High Mirror surface base 304 stainless steel.

  • Different colors of Alarm light, presenting good atmosphere.

  • Mute alarming choosable, keep an quite environment.

  • Thin Paper label meet the protection need for books.

  • Multiply choices of hard tags enable to meet theprotection needs of different merchandises.

PDS8834SAPW with Wi-Fi/Ble module.

With Andriod App and Clould management.

  Eslite from Taiwan

Eslite from Taiwan

Mi from Shenzhen

Mi from Shenzhen

Qianyan from Shenzhen

Qianyan from Shenzhen

Ninty-five from Shenyang

Ninty-five from Shenyang

  • Bi-directional people counting. accuracy is higherthan other similar products.

  • Installation distance more than 10 metre.

  • ldentification accuracy up to 95%.

  • Can penetrate the through the cover of the colored glass door.

  • Bi-directional prompts, personalized voice reminder.

  • Connect internet with TCP/IP or Wi-Fi.

  • Can send people counting statistics report every day automatically.

  • Can set up to 3 email address to receive statistics report.

  • Unique installation debugging light, can easily install it.

  • Suitable for all kinds of public place, such as retail stores,specialty stores and parks.

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