Before installation
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Safety Matters

1. Freight Handling

Freight must be handled with care when loading or uploading, avoid tossing, impact and squeezing.

2. Protect pedestal to slide

After taking out the pedestal, it must stand upright. The pedestal is heavy, before fixing, pedestal must be set stably to protect pedestal to slide. Before officially putting into use, to avoid scratch, please do not peel off the plastic film on the pedestal.

3. Power safety

Before turn on the power, the cable connecting must be checked if the connection is reliable, avoid bare wires, and also check if the base cover is covered properly.

4. Customer protection

The pedestal is made of acrylic, it is likely that customer would have collision with pedestal, and the shopping trolley would run into the pedestal, which would cause scratch. Therefore, in some places where the collision would highly happen, the anti-collision tips or bumper bar should beadded.

5. Signing for, Opening package, Inspecting

Before signing for cargo, please check if the outer packing of device is broken, or any abnormal sound inside package. If there is such situation, please contact Promatic to confirm before signing for the cargo;

Before open the package, the package of pedestal must be placed at a smooth and safe place;

When inspecting, please check if the appearance of device is damaged, scratched. If there is such phenomenon, please contact Promatic timely.

Environment Requirement

Antennas must stay away from strong electromagnetic radiation source, such as elevator, power distributing cabinet, generator room, cable duct, large advertising light box, freezer and metal shelf etc;

Please use the power directly from the power distribution box, and ensure the power point is reliable;

Each pedestal has to use the same power phase;

Please ensure the power has beed good grounded;

Please ensure there is no high power equipment or cables duct that might cause interference on pedestal within 5m of installation field.

Device Installation

1. Power Cable Connection

2. Cables Arrangement

3. Fixing

4. Common Trouble Shooting and Technical Support