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Supermarket solutions

Hypermarkets are usually set up cash register EAS channel programs, such as Carrefour, Auchan, RT-Mart, IGA, Woolworth and Coles supermarkets and so on.

Advantages for cash register EAS channel !

1、 Guarantee safety standards, especially for fire prevention 
 Since hypermarkets have lots of customers and mostly used large shopping cart, you must ensure that in the event of a fire can be quickly evacuated customers. Otherwise the resulting risk is huge for enterprise. In Beijing, the retail industry has required that customer's general exports can’t be less than 150cm width.

Therefore, it will cause big fire prevention safety hazard if set up EAS equipment in general exports.

2、 Effective loss prevention result 
 Cash register EAS channels is a remind for customers not to forget payments, and also a caution for the thief. 

3、 Reduce faults, improve the relationship with customers

As records, more than 90% EAS faults alarming is caused by cashier’s misoperation, such as not take off tags or not deactivated labels…the accurate of judgment will be improved, if EAS alarming judged by cashier,. Besides, it is more acceptable for customers to be reminded by cashier for non-payment, rather than by a security man. 

4、 Save space

Compare with the project which set up EAS detecting system at the general export, set up EAS system between the cash register is more save space. For hypermarket, they are usually rent out most of exports space to increase incomes.   

5、 Convenient for layout of stores 
Different with the loss prevention management of free choice area and counter area, set up EAS system at the channel is easier to do separated and particular management.

6、Reduce flaw of loss prevention 
 If detecting system set at the general export, customers can carry merchandises to any area in the hypermarket, it will increase the chance of loss. But if hypermarket set up cash register channel, it will reduce that loss efficiently.


More Details:

1、Cash register channel, non-shopping channel  

EAS detecting antenna set between two cash registers, antenna detecting range normally set 70cn, see as below picture:



Besides, set up soft label deactivator on the cash table, even can work with integrated EAS deactivate coil table mold laser scanner, and no need to assort with deactivate pad. 

2、 Customer entrance 
Since EAS system now is popular used, same customers may carry working anti-theft tags from one shop to another one. To avoid embarrass that trigger EAS alarming by other shop’s tags, it is very important to set up EAS system at the entrance for handle the “tags” before enter shop.  

3、 Fitting room

 Setting up EAS system at the fitting room of supermarket is effective means to prevent theft to steal cloth.  

4、 Staff channel

To make sure staffs are clean with any of merchandise carry with anti-theft tags, in case insiders steal.

5、 Visitors reception

According to statistics, 90% of the world's top 10 hypermarkets are adopting RF EAS system, and most of them have set up the cash register channel protection.


Promatic's hypermarkets EAS solutions, all with Promatic intelligent Radio Frequency or Acoustic Magnetic (RF / AM) EAS products, centralize manage by LPMS ® retail security and loss prevention management system, and also adopting wireless digital calling system to notify loss prevention staff to handle alarm events.