Promatic AM EAS Training Record
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On March 21st, Jamse Liu, Promatic CEO, visited his Australian product agent GA, and conducted system training on AM EAS intelligent acoustic magnetic anti-theft system products.

GA is one of the largest providers of retail store design and display facilities in Australia. GA and Promatic have been cooperating for 20 years。

Promatic's AIoT (Artificial Intelligence+Internet of Things) technology application is leading in the industry.

The product is a DIY (self installation) conceptual design. General certified electrician is fully qualified for product installation work. 

GA or Promatic engineers can remotely assist with product parameter configuration and technical support.

For the sparsely populated Australian market, Australian retails generally require local store decoration and services. Promatic's DIY products greatly reduce the installation threshold of AM EAS system equipment and the procurement and operation and maintenance costs of users.

Promatic training

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