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  • Promatic PAS9022S  Acrylic AM EAS Detector
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  • Promatic PAS9022S Acrylic AM EAS Detector

    Promatic Acrylic AM EAS Detector 

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Promatic Acrylic AM EAS Detector 

Promatic AM Smart EAS Detector  PAS9022S

Brief introduction

Acoustic Magnetic EAS is a reliable and effective security solution that helps to prevent theft and reduce loss of merchandise in retail stores. 

Our system uses advanced technology to detect tags attached to products, providing enhanced security without interfering with the shopping experience of customers. 

Our easy-to-install system is customizable and can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each store. 

With Acoustic Magnetic EAS, you can be confident that your merchandise is safe and secure.

Promatic's advanced AIoT technology application allows you to use it with more confidence.

Functional Characteristics

- Internet of Things technology,Cloud data management;

- Using Software-Radio technology, with higher reliability;

Phrased-Array Technology,Wider detection range;

Can work as Mono, also be able to work as Master with two RX antennas;

Excellent anti-interference ability;

25mm Acrylic and 304 Mirror surface base cover.

Application Scenarios


Fashion Shop

Book Shop

 Pharmacy Store

Cosmetics Store...

Promatic Acrylic AM EAS system PAS9022S

Promatic PAS9022S  Acrylic AM EAS Detector

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