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  • PROCAT PCA6621PW AM EAS Detector AM-EAS-Detector with people counting system
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  • PROCAT PCA6621PW AM EAS Detector AM-EAS-Detector with people counting system

    PROCAT AM EAS Detector with inbuilt people counting system. 

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PROCAT AM EAS Detector with inbuilt people counting system. 

PROCAT is a subsidiary brand of Promatic.

Brief introduction

Acoustic Magnetic EAS is a reliable and effective security solution that helps to prevent theft and reduce loss of merchandise in retail stores. 

Our system uses advanced technology to detect tags attached to products, providing enhanced security without interfering with the shopping experience of customers. 

Our easy-to-install system is customizable and can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each store. 

With Acoustic Magnetic EAS, you can be confident that your merchandise is safe and secure.

Promatic's advanced AIoT technology application allows you to use it with more confidence.

PCA6621 series products, the 3rd generation of Promatic AM EAS detector with people counting system, adopting the advanced technology-software radio and phased array, together with Promatic unique smart recognition algorithm, provides stores a perfect detection performance and excellent anti-interference ability. Its new energy-saving circuit design, crystal clear and small, exquisite shape, provides retailers excellent loss prevention solution with cost-effective, high detection range, low loss and almost zero mistake false alarm. PCA6621 is suitable for all kinds of supermarkets and stores.

Built-in AC-DC Power supply  optional

Features  of  PCA6621PW

  • Internet of Things technology, Cloud data management ;

  • Using Software-Radio technology, with higher reliability;

  • Phased Array ,Wider detection range;

  • Excellent anti-interference ability

  • Can work as Mono, bilateral detection;

  • Suitable for supermarkets, clothing stores, domestics and 3C Digital stores.

Promatic AM EAS IOT System: 

Internet of Things Version PCA6621PW

New generation  AM SMART EAS      

  • Wider Protection range

  • Less blind spots

  • Stronger anti-interference ability

IOT Technology                                

  • Internet of Things Technology

  • Cloud Data Management

  • Wechat applet Tunable

3 rd Smart EAS Main Board            

  • New software Radio Platform

  • Phased-array technology

  • Intelligent Calculating pattern

Unique Function                              

  • EAS Jammer Reminder

  • Wireless Synchronization

Crystal and Elegentn                        

  • Acrylic Panel

  • Metal painted chassis

Specifications of PCA6621PW

people counting

Applications of PCA6621PW 

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