[Important notice] Arrangements during the Epidemic prevention work
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[Important notice] Arrangements during the Epidemic prevention work

In order to cooperate with the government's work on the prevention and control of new coronavirus-associated pneumonia, to reduce the concentration of personnel, and to ensure the safety and health of each employee of our company, Promatic made arrangements for resumption of work, equipment operation and maintenance, and customer service as followed:

 I. Extension of the Spring Festival holiday
According to the requirements of the General Office of the State Council and the Notice of the People's Government of Guangdong Province, Promatic extended the Spring Festival Holiday and the resumption of work at the headquarters office is scheduled for February 10th tentatively.

 . Operation and maintenance of network equipment
Promatic provides remote operation and maintenance for users who have adopted the IoT smart EAS device; users who are not connected to the network can contact online customer service during working hours through QQ or WeChat , Customer service staff can provide remote technical guidance

 .Online Customer service
From February 3 to the non-resumption period, Promatic online customer service will work for the majority of users, you can find help through the email, QQ or Wechat.

Due to the uncertainty of the epidemic situation, the above arrangements may be adjusted again at any time based on epidemic changes and government notification documents.