Intelligent Retail
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Intelligent Retail Product and Service





With our retail security experience since 1993, combined with our own technical expertise, Promatic has innovatively developed self-checkout and cashier loss prevention audit systems with independent intellectual property rights, and EAS intelligent barrier gates.

It is especially suitable for self-service supermarkets, smart convenience stores with staff or without, and traditional supermarkets and drugstores that use APP / mini-program code scanning and self-checkout systems.

  • Smart Convenience Store

  • Supermarket self-checkout and cashier loss prevention audit system

  • EAS Barrier Gate System

  • Clothing  anti-counterfeiting  anti-theft  logistics management system (RFID + EAS two-in-one system)

Analysis of the "pain points" of retail self-checkout cashiers:

  1. Serious loss of goodsCustomers stash product theft / Customers carry incorrectly scanned items in shopping bags

  2. Increase labor costs for cash register auditionIncrease self-checkout cash register audit posts / Increase labor costs/Customers wait in line for audition

  3. EAS system is useless:  Lack of intelligent deactivator system integrated with self-checkout cash register