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RFID Integrated Solution for Cloth Industry
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RFID Integrated Solution for Cloth Industry

From: RFID Worldwide Net

RFID Store System is a total new application which combines EAS with RFID technologies. The system can realize anti-shoplifting, meanwhile merchandise can be auto-register into system, and no need man checking or scan barcode; it works faster and more accurate; it can reduce loss of stores.

Anti-shoplifting management: If cloth been stole, system can list out the item number clearly, it helps shopkeeper to know store situation easily.

Auto-analyze system: RFID chip can read and write with information for each cloth. Shopkeeper can know hot-selling merchandise from data analyze system, and replenish in time to make sure need customer’s needs.

Quick looking:

Non-contact quick search of merchandise, fast deliver goods to customers, in case lose selling opportunity.

The functions and use instructions:

Storage management:

Data would become EPC format write into label, and send to manage software after scan barcode on the label of cloth.

Delivery management:

Cashier need to scan barcode, and open lock of label, at the mean time, clear the date in software, then the delivery be finished.

Inventory management:

Scan merchandises information by handheld system, data would be auto-delivery to manage software. The comparison of storage will be finished as soon as scan would be finished, and inventory data would show on computer.