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PDS 8855 used in Hypermart (Supermarket, Indonesia)
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Indonesia Hypermart chose Promatic’s PDS8855 RF MONO EAS system since 2010. By the service of Indonesia agent,Promatic’s EAS system has been installed in more than 50 stores.

PDS8855 RF MONO EAS system adopts Promatic’s 3rd movement, provides wider detection, higher sensitivity. Single antenna can complete the protection of the dual channel! Its unique label recognition technology and anti-interference ability, lower the rate of false alarm, stronger environmental adaptation ability. It has the environmental adaptive technology-can be adjusted automatically according to the environmental.

Hypermart is Indonesia's large-scale supermarket. The company's total sales in 2014 of 14.7 trillion rupiah (about 7.35 billion RMB)

Promatic was founded in 1993. The company is committed to provide risk and loss control, efficiency improve solution, and the technology of supply chain management and product development and professional solutions. Our products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world.

Promatic has become the world's second biggest retail enterprise - Carrefour in EAS products and service providers in the Asia Pacific region since 2005,for 10 years in a row. Promatic’s domestic customers include China's leading retailers, such as Vanguard, Auchan, Meitehao, Eslite, Shirble , Baijiahua,  Wuhan Zhongshang, Wangfujing department store, Mango, Lining, Adidas, Nike, Hot wind,Consistent pharmacy stores. Foreign clients  includes Hypermart(Indonesia), AEON BIG(Malaysia), Eslite(Taiwan), Carrefour , Lotte Mart(Korea) and other large supermarkets and stores.